17 Actors Who Married Their Co-Stars After Working Together

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Long days and nights spent on movie and TV sets are bound to bring people together. With all the hard work and emotions that go into playing a role, it makes sense that people would grow close. Why do you think we see so many co-stars hooking up after doing a project together? Plenty of co-stars get together but not all of them stay together after working together for so long. Then again, not every on-set relationship is fleeting. There are plenty of actors who married their co-stars after working together!

These co-stars met while doing a project and it ended up being true love! Sure, marriage doesn’t always mean forever (some of these couples have already split!) but they clearly fell for one another hard enough that they made it official. It’s always adorable when one of our fave on-screen couples becomes the real deal off-screen as well! Between TV and films, so many actors have married their co-stars and turned into power couples that rule Hollywood. Here are some co-stars who went all-in on their relationship and got hitched after working together!

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