17 Actors Who Married Their Co-Stars After Working Together

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Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Days of Thunder

tom cruise and nicole kidman days of thunder

Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Productions

For over a decade, these two were one of the most powerful married couples in Hollywood. That all began when they met on the set of Days of Thunder in 1989 and married the very next year. During the course of their marriage, the two appeared in several more films together. A couple that works together stays together! Well, for a little while at least. They were married for eleven years before announcing their split in 2001. Neither of them has ever commented on what exactly ended their marriage and both have been diplomatic when discussing the marriage over the years, but there are rumors that the Church of Scientology, in which Cruise is a very active member, split them apart. The two adopted children together and Kidman can’t allegedly see them or talk to them because she didn’t stay with Scientology.

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