17 Actors Who Married Their Co-Stars After Working Together

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Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill

chad michael murray and sophia bush one tree hill

The CW

When these two hot up-and-coming stars met on the set of the teen drama One Tree Hill, of course sparks flew! The series began in 2003 and the couple was married in 2005 in a Santa Monica ceremony. But, sometimes, being young and in love just isn’t enough. Five months after their marriage, the two separated and Bush filed for an annulment based on “fraud.” Dang! It wasn’t granted, though, and the two formally divorced by the end of 2006 amongst rumors circulating that Chad cheated. As many actors who married their co-stars know, sometimes despite how the marriage works out, you still have to work with that person! This is exactly what happened here post-split, but it seems they carried on professionally enough.

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