16 Zac Efron Roles We Wish We Could Forget (But Watched Anyway)

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CSI: Miami

Zac Efron Roles We Wish We Could Forget


Zac playing a murderer isn’t my favorite idea in the world, but that isn’t even the main problem with his guest stint on CSI: Miami. The episode title, “Sex And Taxes,” should give away why Zac’s storyline was so boring. At 18, Zac was a little too young to be having sex on television, so his part of the episode all boiled down to drama involving an IRS typo. In the end, Zac’s character doesn’t even end up being the one who shot an IRS worker. It’s his six-year-old brother, which is so many shades of messed up. I’d say spoiler alert, but it’s not like anyone is trying to watch this anyway.

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