16 Zac Efron Roles We Wish We Could Forget (But Watched Anyway)

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Dirty Grandpa

Zac Efron Roles We Wish We Could Forget


Not only is Dirty Grandpa Zac Efron’s worst movie *and* Robert DeNiro‘s worst movie, it also might be the worst movie ever made. UCLA’s Daily Bruin described it as “a travesty and a punishment for everybody who watches it” and American filmmaking’s lowest point in what might be the most savage movie review ever written, and I can’t disagree with any of it. The film is gross, but gross is redeemable. It’s also offensive to the LGBT community, disabled people, and sexual assault survivors, and isn’t funny. How was this movie even made? And how did it make more money than Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and The Disaster Artist combined?

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