16 Zac Efron Roles We Wish We Could Forget (But Watched Anyway)

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The Paperboy

Zac Efron Roles We Wish We Could Forget

Millenium Films

If this movie had been a Friends episode, it would have been called “The One Where Zac Efron Gets Peed On.” Actually, that’s how most people refer to this movie anyway. Fun fact, Nicole Kidman actually peed on Zac’s face during the making of this film, which is reason enough to wish we had never seen it, but that’s not even the worst thing that Zac does during the most painful 107 minutes of my life. The *worst* thing is when his character, a southern racist, calls a black character the n-word and ~really means it~. Even the copious amounts of shirtless scenes aren’t enough to make this movie anything less than cringe.

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