16 Zac Efron Roles We Wish We Could Forget (But Watched Anyway)

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New Year’s Eve

Zac Efron Roles We Wish We Could Forget

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We all know someone who unironically loves these Love, Actually knock-offs. Fear them. In New Year’s Day, Zac plays a deliveryman who falls for Michelle Pfeiffer, who was 30 years old than him then and is 30 years older than him now. Yet, somehow, it would be less creepy now. The worst part of Zac’s chunk of this movie (because the rest of it is a whole other problem) is definitely his faux-hawk. Why ruin perfection with hair gel and fingerless gloves? This B-movie is so bad, it doesn’t even fall into the “so bad, it’s good” categorization. And, yes, I have seen it more than once.

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