16 Zac Efron Roles We Wish We Could Forget (But Watched Anyway)

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Melinda’s World

Zac Efron Roles We Wish We Could Forget

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It’s not Zac’s fault that his first movie wasn’t exactly one of his best. Unlike most of his truly tragic films (and we’re not talking about plot, here), this movie was made long before he grew from adorable kid to walking set of abs, so there’s basically no incentive to power through this weird, unrated indie drama. Funnily enough, it still suffers from a lot of the same issues a lot of Zac’s more “serious” fare would struggle with later in his career, like a plot that’s needlessly depressing. In Melinda’s World, a happy kid learning about life suddenly gets a rude wake-up call that ruins everything she’s ever known just in time for the movie to end. Skip it.

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