20 Greatest CGI Characters in Movie History

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CGI Characters Featured Thanos Avengers 1


CGI characters are becoming more and more common in film. They’re taking over the blockbusters most of us see, and they’re beginning to look more and more life-like. Whether these characters are based on actual creatures or created for the films they’re in, CGI is making movies more immersive experience. The very best CGI characters make us forget they aren’t real. Even though they come from fantasy universes like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, they become totally indistinguishable from what we recognize from our world.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the best CGI characters are based on real things. Fantastical creatures can be made to look convincing with enough work and budget. Soon, blockbusters will be defined by how good their CGI is. When they are, these CGI characters will be held up as examples of how to use the technology effectively. These are the 20 greatest characters in CGI history.

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