16 Of The Best New Year’s Kisses From Your Favorite Movies

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"Bridget Jones's Diary" New Year's Eve Kiss

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What do you envision when you think about New Year’s Eve? The first things that likely pop into your head are Times Square, the ball dropping, sparkly party dresses and semi-drunken countdowns, right? And of course, you’re probably thinking about New Year’s Eve kisses. Christmas might have smooches under mistletoe, but New Year’s Eve has kisses at midnight — usually with fireworks and frozen noses. NYE kisses are iconic. That’s part of the reason they are featured in many a movie.

There are plenty of holiday movies. Christmas movies might be the most popular, but there are a number of fantastic films that focus on New Year’s Eve. They typically look at goals and starting anew, but they wouldn’t be complete without a kiss at midnight. Spoiler alert: Not all of the kisses happen in expected ways. What’s more, not all of the films featured are traditional romantic comedies. Have a gander at the 16 best New Year’s Eve kisses from movies. Warning: There will be more spoilers.

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