37 Best Twist Endings in Film

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The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

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Verbal Kint was one of only two survivors of a massacre, and the film takes place in the police office where he’s being questioned in an attempt to catch the crime boss — who he says is called Keyser Soze. The majority of the movie is told from the perspective of Verbal’s memories, or so we’re led to believe. In both present day and all of his flashbacks, we see him walking with a limp. In the last few seconds of the film, he’s walking away from the police station, and all of a sudden the limp starts to go away. Meanwhile, the cop who questioned him is looking at the bulletin board behind his desk and pieces together that everything Verbal said was made up on the spot using words and images he saw while sitting there. The entire story was a very well-told lie, and Verbal is Keyser Soze.

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