16 Movies All Brides (& Romantics) Should Watch

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My Best Friend’s Wedding

Best Wedding Movies For Brides My Best Friend's Wedding

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My Best Friend’s Wedding is pretty much required viewing for wedding season. It is one of the best wedding movies for brides and wedding guests. First of all, it has Julia Roberts, you guys. Second, it is a heartwarming romantic-comedy about love and friendship. If you aren’t familiar with the beloved 1997 film, Julia plays Julianne Potter. She makes a pact with her male BFF Michael O’Neal (Dermot Mulroney) to get married if they’re both still single by 28. Well, just days before Julianne is turning the big 2-8, Michael announces that he is engaged. The situation totally throws Julianne and causes her to consider her current situation and get in touch with her feelings.

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