17 Biopic Actors Who Looked Nothing Like The Real-Life People They Played

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Brad Pitt Moneyball


Actors may like to slip into roles and disappear, but at the end of the day, an actor looks how they look. They may try to gain or lose weight and apply makeup and prosthetics, but those can only go so far. Sometimes, they don’t even make that effort. When actors are charged with playing real-life people in movies, they take a number of different approaches. Sometimes, they work as hard as they can to resemble the person they’re playing. Other times, they simply let it go.

Acting isn’t just looking like someone else, though. It’s also getting inside that person’s skin and figuring out what makes them tick. Sometimes, the people casting a movie ignore what the real-life person actually looked like, instead going with someone who can truly inhabit the person. Often, those performances work well, although that isn’t always the case. Either way, though, the results are always interesting.

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