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17 Blockbuster Movies That Surprisingly Pass the Bechdel Test

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The Bechdel test is a useful tool, and it’s a test that many blockbusters fail. The test, which is designed to determine whether a movie has made a genuine effort at female representation, has three rules or components. The first is that the movie has to have two named female characters (shockingly uncommon). The second rule is that they have to talk to each other, and the third is that the conversation can’t be about a man. It doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. Even so, many more movies fail than you might expect.

There are some big movies that pass, though. To be clear, that doesn’t necessarily mean those movies are putting women at the center of things. The Bechdel test is the bare minimum, and although there are plenty of surprising films that pass the test, not all those movies are necessarily great at representing female characters. In 2019, all movies with more than five characters should pass this test easily. Here are a few movies that do pass that might surprise you.

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