16 Body-Swap Movies You Totally Forgot About

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Freaky Friday

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There are definitely some reoccurring themes in movies. Consider the number of films about weddings, superhero movies, and future-themed flicks there are. We’re not complaining because we don’t mind a theme, especially if it’s a good one. Sometimes films producers get experimental and like to switch it up. Literally. That’s where body-swap movies come in. And there have been enough body-swap movies to be a proper category of their own.

FYI: When we say “body-swap movies” we’re not referring to films where aliens take over humans bodies. We’re talking about where a character (or characters) swaps bodies with someone else. It could be a family member, an animal, a stranger or even themselves in a different time period. And there usually are some life lessons learned along the way. You’re probably thinking about some famous examples but there are more body-swap films than you might realize. Even though they all follow similar patterns, they’re still each worth watching. Here are 16 of the best body-swap movies that you might have forgotten about.

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