16 Body-Swap Movies You Totally Forgot About

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Heaven Can Wait

Heaven Can Wait

Paramount Pictures

Are you hoping for a body-swap movie with a side of comedy, a dash of murder and a sports theme? Those nodding their heads will be pleased to hear about Heaven Can Wait. The 1976 film focuses on Joe Pendleton (Warren Beatty), a pro footballer who has aspirations of going to the Super Bowl. There is a change of plans when an overzealous newbie guardian angel called “The Escort” (Buck Henry) takes Joe from his body after mistakenly thinking he’s going to get hit by a truck while riding his bike. Naturally, there are complications. Joe cannot go back into his regular body so he must have another one. He ends up in the body of Leo Farnsworth, a millionaire who was supposed to have been drowned in a plot involving his wife. Intrigued?

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