20 Box Office Bombs That Aged Into Classics

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20 of the Best Movie Endings We Didn’t See Coming

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For most movies, a stellar box office performance is crucial to establishing a legacy. That doesn’t mean every movie has to break records, but movies that perform well at the box office tend to be remembered more fondly. That’s not always the case, though. Sometimes, box office bombs go on to have remarkably long legacies, even when they compete with one another. Some movies just can’t be stopped.

Ultimately, the way a movie performs at the box office may have more to do with how it’s marketed than anything else. After all, if a movie looks bad, people won’t even consider seeing it. Sometimes, a movie can be mishandled in advertising. Other times, great movies are hard to market without giving away crucial details. Whatever the reason may be for a movie’s initial failure might be, it’s eventual success is definitely something worth celebrating.

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