16 Celebrities You Forgot Were In Christmas Movies

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Peter Dinklage in Elf

Peter Dinklage in "Elf"

Warner Bros.

Elf has become a modern classic Christmas movie in the style of Home Alone. The 2003 holiday comedy is obviously very closely linked to Will Ferrell given that he plays William Hobbs, aka Buddy the Elf. And everyone knows Zooey Deschanel as Jovie the adorable and blonde(!) “elf” working at the “North Pole” at Gimbel’s toy shop. The fact Peter Dinklage is also in the movie might sometimes slip people’s minds. Part of the reason is that we don’t see him until later. We hear his voice talking to Walter Hobbs (James Caan) on the phone. When he finally shows up to Greenway Press (no spoilers) we figure out why the voice sounded so familiar. The real question is how far is Westeros from the North Pole?

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