18 Iconic Female Ensemble Movies That Scream #GirlPower

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There is, undeniably, a genre of movies that stands head and shoulders above the rest: female ensemble movies. Films that are led by a mostly female cast just tend to be better, we don’t make the rules! From thrillers to comedies, these girl gangs know how to entertain and get sh*t DONE in a movie. What’s the old saying? Anything men can do, women can do better? Because these movies prove that if you throw a bunch of talented women in a room together you’re going to get great results. These iconic female ensemble films don’t lie!

We like movies that don’t just pass the Bechdel Test, but get an A+ on it! There is a true lack of female-fronted films in the world today so these lady-led ensembles are rare treasures. Case in point, over a decade in and the Marvel Cinematic Universe just released their first film led by a woman! These films aren’t just led by a woman they’re led by women, and all the better for it. Some of the funniest, most emotional, and most suspenseful films of the last few decades are ones where the ladies are in charge and the men take a back seat. Here are all our fave female ensemble movies!

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