27 Franchises That Tried and Failed to be the Next Harry Potter

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Wizard Harry Potter

Warner Bros.

Harry Potter was a story that defined a generation. It was a popular book series that got turned into an equally popular film series, and made stars of its young leads in the process. As Harry Potter was on the rise, other franchises were trying to replicate its success. A few of them, like Twilight and The Hunger Games, proved that a few tweaks could go a long way. Others had much less success, and never finished.

Harry Potter launched an entire genre of YA film that other franchises adapted. For every successful YA franchise, though, there were a few truly terrible failures. Plenty of film franchises wanted to be the next Harry Potter, but most of them failed. They couldn’t recapture the magic, if you’ll forgive the pun. These are 27 movie franchises that tried and failed to be the next Harry Potter.

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