20 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Lord of the Rings

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Viggo Mortensen Broke His Toe on Set

Aragorn Kicks Helmet Lord of the Rings

New Line Cinema

Viggo Mortensen was clearly quite committed to his work as Aragorn. Aragorn is a ranger — he doesn’t slow down unless he absolutely has to. Mortensen was so committed to playing that character that in one crucial scene, when Aragorn believes that Merry and Pippin have been killed, he broke his toe.

That broken toe came because Aragorn kicked an Orc helmet in a fit of rage. They filmed the scene a couple of times, and the take when Viggo breaks his toe is the one that ended up in the final cut. Clearly, the pain and anguish that he displays his real. Breaking your toe isn’t easy, and it only added to the scene’s authenticity.

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