Dream Casting The Inevitable Fyre Festival Biopic

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The disastrous Fyre Festival is all anyone has been able to talk about since the 2017 “luxury music festival” turned out to be a complete scam. Serial con-man Billy McFarland, along with the help of Ja Rule, created a mess as they tried to create something exclusive and hip and failed miserably. Two dueling documentaries have been released, from Netflix and Hulu, and they’ve been so popular. So that means one thing: the Fyre Festival biopic is coming. There’s no way someone won’t capitalize on this insane story!

Today we’re dream casting the all-but-assured film. Who should play Billy? Who but Ja Rule could actually be as insane as Ja Rule? Oh, and what about all those influencers who shot a highlight reel for the festival that never actually materialized? We’ve got some ideas about who would be perfect to play this motley crew of festival runners, attendees, and victims of McFarland’s frauding!

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