30 Female Movie Roles That Were Originally Written For Men

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Have you ever thought about why most movies feature compelling, three-dimensional male characters while the women, who are often sidelined, aren’t nearly as nuanced and complex? Have you ever wondered why male actors dominate in a wider variety of genres while actresses are mostly known for their rom-coms and drama films? Or have you ever pondered why, even now, genuinely interesting and complicated heroines are still seen as “ground-breaking” and “progressive,” rather than normal? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, you’re not alone. We’ve seen countless actresses get pigeonholed into roles that perpetuate gender stereotypes and, quite frankly, they’re doing way more harm than good.

Now of course, this doesn’t mean that we don’t love to indulge in a good romance or two. But very few things are as rewarding as seeing women at the forefront of fantasy, sci-fi, sports, and action-adventure films. Characters like Ellen Ripley and Kyle Pratt are strong and unique, but they’re also relatable because they feel more true to the lives of women who challenge gender norms every day. It might surprise you then to know that some of these incredible female roles were originally intended for men. Thanks to a few creative minds who insisted on trying something new, we now have these iconic gender-challenging characters who still inspire us to this day.

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