17 of the Greatest Music Biopics of All Time

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Getting a glimpse into an artist’s life is rare. To see how they grew up, what made them the way they are, and how they create is extremely personal and usually very private. This is why music biopics are always such a treat. They give us a snapshot of the lives of our favorite musicians, helping us understand how their lives were shaped. Many of the best music biopics are about genius musicians or music groups, their hardships, and their triumphs. These are the kinds of groundbreaking artists that change the landscape of music forever, so it makes total sense that we’d want to know as much as possible about the lives of these musicians!

Music biopics can be a tough order, though. Finding the right person to play a famous musician can prove difficult. You don’t want someone to just mimic the star, but you also don’t want to them to seem fake. There’s also the question of how to do the music. Do you have your stars lip-sync or hire musically-inclined actors to make it more genuine? Every music biopic does it differently and usually finds the perfect way to depict the artist or artists they’re personifying. Here are some of the best music biopics that give incredible glimpses into your fave performers lives!

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