16 Harry Potter Easter Eggs Even Potterheads May’ve Missed

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The Harry Potter films are full of magic. The cinematic retelling of the classic book series involves all of your favorite characters, locales, spells, and a few other surprises. Hidden among the crazy things happening on-screen are plenty of secret little moments and easter eggs that you probably never noticed before. There’s plenty of foreshadowing and little fun tidbits sprinkled throughout the films!

We get it, not everything from the books can be thrown into the films. It’s also hard to capture the foreshadowing turns of phrase from the books or the subtle little moments you only pick up on during the 100th reread. But it’s still possible to throw in a few winks and nods towards fans in the films! J.K. Rowling herself was heavily involved in the making of the film series so she definitely didn’t do these things without Potterheads in mind. They may just be little moments here and there, but we’re totally fascinated by the hidden magic of these Harry Potter easter eggs!

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