20 Highest-Grossing Teen Romance Movies

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6. A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story

Warner Bros.

For a moment, Hilary Duff was every girl’s favorite girl. She rode that popularity to A Cinderella Story, a reworking of the classic fairytale that transports it to modern-day 2004, which now feels completely dated. (Flip phones? AIM? I don’t know her.) In this movie, the love story is basically the whole point.

The story of Cinderella isn’t really all that empowering, but it is a compelling fantasy, one where the man of your dreams is waiting to sweep you off your feet. Even if that’s not the case, A Cinderella Story is still pretty fun to watch, thanks in large part to the enormous charms of Hilary Duff in the central role.

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