20 Highest-Grossing Teen Romance Movies

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3. Save the Last Dance

teen romance movies Save the Last Dance


It may or may not surprise you that two of the top-five highest-grossing teen romance movies of all time are about dance. In Save the Last Dance, a promising young dancer loses her mother and transfers to an inner-city Chicago school to live with her dad. As she falls in love with one of the guys at her new school, she also rediscovers her passion for dance.

It had honest conversations about race and class that were rare at the time, but Save the Last Dance is also worth it because it gives us plenty of dancing and a romance to lighten up the heavier moments. Even though it came out in 2001, the movie grossed $91 million domestically, which was enough to earn it the third spot on this list. Adjusted for inflation, it’s over $130 mil!

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