20 Highest-Paid Marvel Actors

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Avengers Infinity War Poster


Marvel has been wildly successful for over ten years now. That kind of success brings quite a bit of money with it, and some of that money even trickles down to the actors involved in these films. For some, Marvel has led to a complete career renaissance. It’s given them the money and the freedom to pursue passion projects when they aren’t saving the day on the big screen. Marvel has made stars out of many of its core cast members.

At the same time, the franchise has also pulled in bigger names as it’s gone along. Some of the stars working in that universe would never have signed on in 2008. Now that the franchise has proven to be an enormous success, everyone wants in on the easy money. Some of these actors don’t even have to come in to film. Their voices are enough. Here are the 20 highest-paid Marvel actors based on their net worth.

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