20 Horror Movies You Can Watch Even If You’re A Scardy Cat

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The Witch

Horror Movies For Scardy Cats


Where To Strem: Netflix, Amazon Prime ($3.99)

Like Blair Witch, The Witch‘s marketing was scarier than it’s actual film, which is really a testament to A21’s stellar campaigns for all of its movies and its willingness to take risks on interesting concepts. A21 and Blumhouse are the absolute horror GOATs, which is ironic because this movie is all about an evil goat. So, there’s that. Genre films like The VVitch can be more spooky than scary a lot of the time for some reason, and this film creates a great atmosphere (with special care to avoid anachronisms, which is wild) with some decent “omg please stop that” visuals, but it drags on a little and is more of a slow burn than a shocking scare-fest.

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