20 Horror Movies You Can Watch Even If You’re A Scardy Cat

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You’re Next

Horror Movies For Scardy Cats


Where To Stream: Vudu, YouTube ($3.99), Amazon Prime ($3.99)

You’re Next seems like it’s going to be hella scary. Home intruders wearing animal masks? I’m out. But the freaky trailer is deceptively deceiving. You’re Next has all of the most fun aspects of horror films like jump scares, dinner parties, and inventive murders (spoiler: someone gets murdered via blender to the head, and it’s awesome), but it is not scary. There’s a good ~reason~ why it’s not scary, but if you don’t want to be spoiled don’t read on.

Hopefully, no one is reading this because *spoilers* but basically the reason You’re Next is such a good horror gateway drug is because in the film’s third act you find out the scream queen grew up in a survivalist compound and can kick some serious ass. It’s less scary when the murderers are the ones getting murdered, but just as fun.

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