20 Horror Movies You Can Watch Even If You’re A Scardy Cat

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Evil Dead 2

Horror Movies For Scardy Cats

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Note: I did not say The Evil Dead. An important distinction to make if you want to sleep tonight. Evil Dead II is another film that makes Quentin Tarantino movies look understated, but its slapstick gore is actually what makes it watchable for wimps like us. It’s filled with in-jokes and Easter Eggs, the SFX has aged fine-ish, and it originally was supposed to follow Ash as he accidentally traveled back into the Middle Ages. A lack of budget caused Sam Raimi to pivot towards the more conventional continuation of the story, but the OG plot gives you a good idea of how seriously to take this one. The best part of this movie is when Ash has to remove his possessed right hand and replaces it with a chainsaw.

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