20 Of The Most Inappropriate Moments in Kids’ Movies

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Kids’ movies are not always as clean as they seem. Sometimes, there are inappropriate moments buried inside them for adults who happen to be watching. A lot of the time, these jokes work really well. Alternatively, they can totally bomb, even for the adults they’re intended for. Sneaky kids’ movie moments aren’t always great, even when the movies happen to have star-studded casts — and it seems to be a delicate line for these kids’ movie makers to walk between giving something for the adults to watch while providing entertainment for their children, too.

These inappropriate moments can also take many different forms. Sometimes, the moments are sexual. Other times, they’re dark in a way you wouldn’t expect from a kids’ movie. They’re surprising and often unsettling. Whatever way you feel about them, however, most kids’ movies will have at least one moment that will make you think, “wait a minute …” Here are 20 of the most inappropriate moments in kids’ movies.

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