All the Characters from Love, Actually Ranked From Nice to Naughtiest

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There haven’t been a ton of new Christmas classics since the turn of the century. One of the most enduring holiday films to come around since then has been Love, Actually. The film is a sentimental kaleidoscope of intersecting characters and story lines. Most of the time, those films are overstuffed and undercooked. Love, Actually is something of an exception, though.

For the most part, each of its characters is vividly realized in spite of their limited screen time. Love, Actually is a deeply sincere movie about the power of love. It’s also a movie rife with characters who run the gamut from saintliness to demonic. Some of them are largely victims in their stories, or do next to nothing wrong. Others are annoying or hurtful in ways that impact the entire film. Here’s every major character from Love, Actually ranked from nicest to naughtiest.

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