17 Interesting Things About Marvel Villains

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Thanos Avengers 1


The Marvel universe has spawned a number of iconic heroes and villains, and some forgettable ones as well. It’s a universe littered with characters, all of whom have a long history in the world of the comics. As more and more movies are produced, we also learn more about how these characters were brought to the screen. No good superhero movie is complete without an interesting villain. The best Marvel movies understand that, and are willing to spend time on developing one.

As these characters are developed, we learn things about their history. We know that Loki was adopted, and has trouble accepting that. In The Winter Soldier, we discover that the titular character is actually Bucky Barns, Captain America’s friend. Each of these facts enhances the characters these villains play, and the story as a whole. Here are 17 other interesting facts about Marvel villains.

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