18 Movies With the Biggest Cult Followings of All Time

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Some movies capture peoples attention and admiration a bit more than others. And by that we mean people become utterly obsessed with a film. From midnight screenings to cosplay events to everything in between, some movies manage to gain a fervent audience for years and years after its released. And speaking of their release, many now-“cult films” absolutely bombed at the box office. Then, years later, people realized something magical about such movies and fell in love with them.

The word “cult film” comes from decades ago, used to describe the underground scene of indie films and midnight screenings for movies that were decidedly not mainstream. It’s transcended that meaning into a catchall for movies that may not be conventionally popular but have a passionate, devoted fanbase that loves the living hell out of it. Cult movies can, and are, a part of literally every genre. But most often, they’re ingrained in weird, obscure, and shocking little niches of the film world. Here are some of the biggest cult films of all time with some huge, crazy followings!

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