20 Life-Changing Movies Turning 20 This Year

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By some accounts, 1999 was the best year for movies there ever was. It was certainly a very good one. Its high quality was complemented by a wide variety of popular titles. There were movies like The Matrix, which broke records at the box office, and smaller releases like Eyes Wide Shut that nonetheless made a huge impact. It was a pivotal year in the history of Hollywood before the franchises of today played a huge role in box office success.

Of course, that wasn’t totally true. After all, 1999 was the year Toy Story 2 came out, and it was also the first chance for fans to take a look at the Star Wars prequels. For the most part, though, 1999 was a just a great year for every kind of movie. There were era-defining films in every genre. It was a year of life-changing movies. Here are 20 movies released in 1999 that we’re still watching 20 years later. Who knows if any movies released this year will have the same legacy?

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