19 Movies & TV Shows Coming to Netflix in January

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2019 is bringing plenty of great movies and TV shows to stream. Netflix is loading up on new original content, including a slate of movies. The streaming giant is always giving its audience something new to enjoy, and January is going to bring a variety of new offerings. Every genre is represented in the service’s new offerings. There’s some fantasies, a couple of superhero movies, and even a few Best Picture nominees.

On the TV side, we’re getting new seasons of The Punisher and A Series of Unfortunate Events, among others. Although Netflix is often accused of being stingy with the films in its collection, January brings quite a few new titles. There’s war movies like Black Hawk Down, and more easy-going fare like The Incredibles 2. If you have somehow finished everything Netflix already has on its service, these new titles might be what you’re looking for. Here are 19 movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in January.

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