15 Multi-Talented Directors Who Starred In Their Own Movies

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It’s no secret that Hollywood is full of talent. Hidden behind all the drama, the paparazzi chaos, and the tabloid headlines, we are able to find a world that produces an almost endless stream of high quality entertainment content for our viewing pleasure. The producers, actors and actresses, sound artists, costume designers, and the hundreds and thousands of other people who are working in front of the camera and behind the scenes are creating worlds for us we can’t even begin to imagine. When movies are created with genuine heart, interest, and knowledge of how to sell a feeling, they are able to reach an audience in a profound way and cement a place in movie history forever. That’s why it’s so exciting to see some of our favorite stars taking their positions on set as well as behind the mic booms and screens as their own directors.

A number of our favorites have transitioned to the head title, with their acting experience in tow, going on to create a collection of really wonderful and iconic films. And though we wish more women fell under the category (Barbra Streisand stands alone for this specific gallery), we know that the trend of filling both jobs will only continue, hopefully giving women even more opportunities to follow suit. Many actors have already contributed to their own movies both on the screen and from the chair. Check out this list to see if your favorite made the list.

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