15 Multi-Talented Directors Who Starred In Their Own Movies

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Robert De Niro: A Bronx Tale

TriBeCa Productions

There’s nothing like a good mafia movie, and if anyone knows one, it’s Robert De Niro. From Goodfellas to The Godfather, the Don has been able to explore the ins and outs of the life of an Italian-American man trying to make his way through a life of crime and family in numerous ways. And he took it a step further in 1993 with his directorial debut in A Bronx Tale, which he helped playwright (and future co-star) Chazz Palminteri adapt for the screen. The film received great reviews, especially directorial praise, and earned four stars from famed critic Roger Ebert. Though it won few huge awards, it’s safe to say the movie has cemented itself amongst a very impressive list of gangster flicks for eternity.

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