New Christmas Movies To Look Out For This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is officially upon us, and the celebration kick-off can begin on the big and small screens. Viewers can start getting into the Christmas spirit with the plethora of festive movies coming to theaters, as well as the movies being released on streaming services and cable TV. The Hallmark Channel, in particular, is always a hot spot for holiday films for the next month.

This Christmas, there is no shortage of movies to chose from to commemorate the holidays. So, with the list below, take a look at which films may interest you the most, and when you can squeeze them in between your holiday shopping and cooking.

The Christmas Contract (November 22) – Lifetime

If you are a fan of former teen drama One Tree Hill, then this is definitely a film you want to check out. Former OTH stars Hilarie Burton, Robert Buckley, Danneel Ackles, and Antwon Tanner reunite to explore Burton’s character, Julie’s return home from the holidays after a bad breakup and how she deals with it, with some help from her friends. While we were all hoping for a genuine Tree Hill reunion, we’ll take this instead.

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas (November 25) – Hallmark

Hallmark Channel regular, Candace Cameron Bure, takes the lead in yet another Christmas film. This time, her character Noelle learns the true meaning of a Guardian Angel when she is visited by one while locked in the department store she works at on Christmas Eve. Her new understanding of the true spirit of Christmas by revisiting her Christmases, past, present, and future, might just be what finally gives her the life fulfillment she’s desperately searching for.

Anna and the Apocalypse (November 30) – In Theaters

A musical Christmas movie seems like just what the doctor ordered this holiday season — but adding a bit of horror in with it is a twist we were NOT expecting. While a zombie apocalypse doesn’t exactly seem like a conventional Christmas movie, protagonist Anna, portrayed by Ella Hunt, takes the hero role alongside her friends to defeat the zombies and reunite with their loved ones in time for the holidays. Since we’re used to seeing the same Xmas movie over and over again, we like that this one is a little bit… out of the box.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (November 30) – Netflix

The sequel to 2017’s A Christmas Prince sees the return of royal couple Amber and Prince Richard. This time, the two will endure all that comes with a grand ole Royal Wedding. Maybe Amber can ask Meghan Markle for advice? A Christmas Prince wow-ed audiences with its Hallmark-y storytelling, and this sequel is sure to do the same. You know we’ll be watching!

A Very Nutty Christmas (November 30) – Lifetime

Baker Kate Holiday (Melissa Joan Hart) learns the stress of the holiday season all too well when her boyfriend dumps her and she is overwhelmed with work. However, the arrival of a solider named Chuck makes her question if this guy is the real life Nutcracker that may just be Kate’s saving grace. Any film with the original Sabrina Spellman is sure to have our attention, and a Lifetime movie is sure to provide all of the cheesy goodness we’re looking for.

Mingle All The Way (December 1) – Hallmark

If you love a holiday movie with a good pun, raise your hand. We’re right there with you! A founder of a newly-established dating app makes it her mission to prove to everyone that love can actually work when it comes to online dating. So when she connects with a potential match, she realizes that they have actually come across each other in the past. However, the unintended pairing of Molly (Jen Lilley) and Jeff (Brant Daugherty) proves to be exactly what Christmas romance is all about. It’s a modern-day Christmas tale — one all my fellow Tinderellas can appreciate.

Northern Lights of Christmas (December 2) – Hallmark

The Reindeers take front and center in this Christmas flick. Anybody else feel like they usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to holiday representation even though they play an integral role in Santa’s journey? Zoey (Ashley Williams), a pilot, inherits a reindeer farm, something she’s not quite so enthused about. But there proves to be love hiding on the farm when Zoey, who is initially planning to sell it, starts to rethink her options after she falls for Alec (Corey Sevier), the ranch hand. Plus, who could give up real-life reindeers!

Homegrown Christmas (December 8) – Hallmark

Full House star Lori Loughlin takes on the Christmas spirit when her character Maddie steps down from her CEO position to start a more fulfilling life for herself. While searching for her next step during the holiday season, her former high-school sweetheart provides her next big opportunity. Though tensions are initially high, the two begin to rediscover their original love for each other. Ain’t that what Christmas is all about?

Memories of Christmas (December 8) – Hallmark

When Noelle’s (Christina Milian) Christmas-loving mother passes away, she takes on the Christmas spirit herself in an attempt to continue her mother’s legacy and feel connected to her lost loved one. In return, Noelle finds a whole new meaning of the holiday spirit and the happiness that comes with it. It’s a Hallmark movie, so you know the holiday season will bring an unexpected lover for our protagonist.

Santa’s Boots (December 8) – Hallmark

Meghan Hilty stars as Holly, who returns home for the holidays and works at her family’s department store that is in foreclosure. But when the young Santa, Nick, goes missing, Holly makes it her mission to find him. But she’s using the only piece of evidence she has: his black boot. Sounds lke a Cinderella story with an twist, no?

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle (December 9) – Hallmark

Heather Kruger discovers she needs a liver transplant as soon as possible. When a complete stranger, Chris, offers half his liver to her, the relationship between the two is explored as Heather begins to fall for the man that is risking his life to save hers.

Christmas Wonderland (December 9) – Hallmark

Emily Osment (who you know from Hannah Montana or Young & Hungry) takes the lead role as Heidi, a young adult who, like Dorothy, discovers that there is no place like home. Once an aspiring painter, Heidi returns home for Christmas and reunites with her high school sweetheart – a classic Christmas trope. While helping him find a location for the high school’s Christmas dance, Heidi realizes she is beginning to fall back in love with her old life and her admirations to paint again.

A Gingerbread Romance (December 15) – Hallmark

Taylor (Tia Mowry-Hardrict) finds herself involved in a competition to build a life-sized gingerbread house. An architect, she teams up with Adam, a baker and single dad. A match made in heaven… both for the competition and possibly for more? Unexpectedly, Taylor suddenly finds herself at home with them, a feeling she had always feared would never be fulfilled.

Christmas Pen Pals (December 15) – Lifetime

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew graces our TV screens again. She portrays Hannah, a failed creator of a dating app. (Seems like the Tinder/Bumble/Grindr/Hinge craze has finally hit the Christmas-loving community!) Home for the holidays, she opts to join the town’s anonymous holiday pen pal service. When she begins falling for the writer of her letters, she must finally reveal her identity to her admirer on Christmas Eve, and it is not who she expected.

Entertaining Christmas (December 16) – Hallmark

The whole Fuller House cast is getting into the Christmas spirit this year! The third star on our list is Jodie Sweetin, who is returning to the Hallmark movie madness playing Kara, the daughter of a cookbook author and casting expert. She’s set to take her mother’s place with brand management upon her retirement and Kara’s first official job is to assist a young girl welcoming home her father for the holidays after he served in the military. However, she finds herself in hot water once realizing the veteran’s brother is actually a journalist out to get his next story.

Christmas Made to Order (December 23) – Hallmark

Spy Kids alum Alexa PenaVega and Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett team up as Gretchen, a holiday coordinator, and Steven, an architect, for this Hallmark Christmas movie. When Steve’s family hires Gretchen to bring the Christmas spirit to their family party, they find themselves taking advantage of the romance that comes naturally with this swoon-worthy season.

A Midnight Kiss (December 29) – Hallmark

Alexa’s hubby, Carlos PenaVega is also involved in a different Hallmark Christmas movie! He takes the starring role a few days after his wife’s movie debuts in this romantic flick. PenaVega plays David, a man who gets involved in planning a huge New Year’s Eve party. However, among the party planning, David also finds what every Christmas movie needs: love!

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