20 Classic Movies That Haven’t Aged Well

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james cameron

20th Century Fox

Speaking of accidental racism, Avatar was pretty whack. Films primarily lauded for their technological advances are historically doomed. We have Will Smith playing his own son in a movie now, no one’s going to care about CGI Smurfs by 2025. Once audience members stop being distracted by the SFX long enough to actually pay attention to Avatar‘s plot, they’ll realize this is another white savior complex film à la Dances With Wolves or Dangerous Minds.

Gizmodo even compared Avatar to America’s foundational genocide of Native Americans, but this time, there’s a machine that turns the white people blue to better assimilate them into a culture they have no business messing with, and they then use that machine to save those indigenous people from other white people. Also, the Na’vi communicate with their animals the same way that they have sex with each other, and that’s creepy AF.

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