20 Classic Movies That Haven’t Aged Well

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You’ve Got Mail

meg ryan

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You’ve Got Mail isn’t an offensive classic movie, it’s just a classic movie. It’s an adorable love story about bookstore owners featuring at least one black character, no weirdly demeaning sexual scenarios, and the same source material as Broadway’s adorable She Loves Me. Still, You’ve Got Mail doesn’t hold up in the digital age.

Dated tech aside, it’s hard to watch You’ve Got Mail in a post-Law & Order: SVU world without worrying that poor Meg Ryan is going to end up catfished, kidnapped, and murdered. Sure, *we* know that her pen pal is the well-meaning Tom Hanks, but she’s forging ahead in this chatroom relationship with the naiveteé of a victim-of-the-week. Someone call Mariska Hargitay just to be safe.

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