20 Classic Movies That Haven’t Aged Well

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Sixteen Candles

Offensive Classic Movies

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John Hughes contributions to the teen classic canon have never been matched, and Sixteen Candles is filled with ’80s charm. Following the initial ’80s charm, however, is the introduction of a bizarre Chinese character named Long Duk Dong, who was played by an Asian actor and still managed to rival Mickey Rooney’s catastrophic Breakfast at Tiffany’s character as “The Most Grotesque Asian Stereotype In Film.” Anthony Michael Hall‘s party subplot hinges on drunk driving, the romantic lead treating his girlfriend like property, and those Robin Thicke-ian “Blurred Lines” we’ve all agreed equate to date rape. Anthony’s character also shows Molly Ringwald‘s underpants to a group of paying freshmen without her knowledge or permission, and we’re expected to believe the worst thing that happened to this girl was her parents forgetting her 16th birthday.

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