20 Classic Movies That Haven’t Aged Well

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Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom

harrison ford

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The Raiders of the Lost Arc and The Last Crusade are two of the greatest adventure films ever made. Then, there’s The Temple of Doom. This offensive classic film has gotten worse with age, but George Lucas and Steven Spielberg fully knew what they were doing when they made this super racist movie in 1984. Filmmakers weren’t allowed to film in North India because the government told them their script was offensive. Instead of wondering if they were, in fact, making an offensive film, the team yeeted over to Sri Lanka and proceeded to frame the goddess Kali as an evil deity (instead of a force for positive change), make Indy into the white savior of a town controlled by the Mola Ram, and pretend Indian people eat monkey brains on the daily. We prefer Indiana when he’s fighting off the Nazis.

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