20 Classic Movies That Haven’t Aged Well

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Pulp Fiction

Offensive Classic Movies

Miramax Films

There’s a lot that can be said about Quentin Taratino, but when Pulp Fiction was first released, it was just a really, really good movie by some dude with a giant chin. Now, we know that Quentin has a weird love for the n-word and isn’t afraid to show it. Gawker released a history of the filmmaker saying the n-word in 2015, illustrating that its relentless use in Django Unchained was just the crowning achievement on a career that seems to have been built to allow Quentin to use the n-word in public as often as possible. Tarantino isn’t afraid to say it IRL, although he should be, but even after Samuel L. Jackson advised him against it, Quentin wrote his Pulp Fiction character an n-word filled monologue that will permanently scar Pulp Fiction‘s legacy. It’s not an artistic choice here, it’s just Quentin Tarantino verbally jerking off on screen.

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