20 Classic Movies That Haven’t Aged Well

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Chasing Amy

Offensive Classic Movies

Miramax Films

Chasing Amy remains a cult favorite despite its entire concept being that Ben Affleck has the ability to seduce lesbians with mediocrity and comic books. When Chasing Amy was released in 1997, it sounds like people were just happy to have a movie with a lesbian main character, educational tidbits about how two women have sex, and an explanation as to how virginity is a social construct. Today, people still haven’t figured out LGBTQ representation in the media, but we can recognize when someone’s gotten it wrong.

Lesbians won’t magically become attracted to a man just because he’s the “right man.” Sexuality is a spectrum, so if you want to make a movie about a woman who likes women suddenly liking a man, do it without Chasing Amy‘s bi-erasure and slut-shaming. Kevin Smith seems like a good dude, but he was probably the wrong person to explain lesbianism to America.

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