17 Pairs of Actors Who Should Really Do A Movie Together

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Have you ever seen two actors share so much chemistry that it makes you wish they starred in a film together? Or have you ever just daydreamed about certain stars collaborating on a project? It often feels like wishful thinking because generally, celebrities don’t always have control over who they work with. When a casting team makes their final decisions, there’s no guarantee that they’ll wind up with actors who share similar backgrounds or already have the perfect chemistry – and that’s understandable!

However, it would be pretty epic to see our favorites together on the big screen, from real-life BFFs to actors who could literally pass for twins. We don’t know about you guys, but a small part of us has faith that at least a few of these pairings will eventually happen. Until then, though, check out which famous actors seriously need to do a movie together.

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