17 Movies that Destroyed the Movie Genres they Parodied

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Parody Movies Main Walk Hard

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Like most genres, the parody movie has a vast spectrum of quality. The best parody movies pick apart specific conventions from the movies that they’re referencing. Oftentimes, the changes that they make to the established formula are relatively minor. These tweaks make the conventions of the genre feel totally ridiculous, though, and in doing so, they make it hard to watch any movies from that genre again. The best parody movies don’t just make us laugh, they make us wonder why we ever watched movies from that genre in the first place.

Parody movies have something of a reputation for being dumb, but the best ones aren’t. Instead, they take well-worn tropes and make them seem fresh. Even as they pay tribute to the movie genres they’re making fun of, they can also have a lot of fun tearing them down. This happens to some movie genres more than others. Eventually, though, every genre will get one sort of parody or another.

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