20 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From The Set Of Pitch Perfect

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Pitch Perfect is one of the most iconic comedies of the decade. It’s a thoroughly rewatchable film that blew up and became something of a phenomenon. The movie made big stars out of Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, and it even launched a franchise. There are plenty of franchises in Hollywood today, but there are few with as much originality or personality as the Pitch Perfect movies. They’re also packed with marvelous a capella covers of our favorite songs.

Following the Barden Bellas, a college a capella group, the films are really just a great chance to get a bunch of hilarious women together for some tunes. Each Pitch Perfect carries some behind-the-scenes secrets, but the original is definitely full of the juiciest tidbits. The development of any original property requires lots of work and a fair bit of confusion. There are scenes that were left on the cutting room floor, and some songs that almost weren’t in the movie. Here are 20 behind-the-scenes secrets from the set of Pitch Perfect.

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