20 Pixar Moments Designed to Make Us Weep

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Up Opening Scene 2


There’s at least one moment in every Pixar movie that’s designed to make us weep. The animation studio is better at making tear-jerkers than any romance movie studio on the planet. These Pixar moments feel like they’ve been produced for the sole purpose of creating an audience of blubbering idiots. We promise ourselves we’re not going to cry, but we do anyway, no matter when the movie is set. The folks at Pixar make sure of it.

Although every Pixar movie has these moments, some of them are more effective tearjerkers than others. There are movies where you’re basically crying the second the opening credits roll, and others that sneak up on you. Pixar is better than any other studio at making you cry in new and incredible ways. It may seem cheap, but it’s actually a testament to their incredible writing. These are 20 of the Pixar moments that are most designed to make us weep.

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